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Sælges: Manual for Leica M5

Pris: 370 kr
Kategori: Foto \ Kamera Analogt
Stand: Brugt
Oprettet: 24/08-2019


Andree Knott
24106 Kiel

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Pris 370 kr.

I have an original manual for sale which belongs to a Leica M5. It is in an excellent condition and shows just hardly any signs of usage. I want 50,-Euro for this user manual, which is some 370,-DKK.

This manual even contains an original additional inlay sheet which informs the user of the M5 how to use it with the retractable objectives from Leica. This sheet is really rare. It is not just a collectors item but is a precious information for the user when using these objectives not to damage the camera! You v´can see the sheet on the pictures.

I will ship as a registered letter. Shipping from Germany to Denmark is 5,-Euro.
So the total sum would be 55,-Euro. Or you may pick it up here in Kiel.